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Early Childhood Development (ECD) is a relatively new discipline combining elements from the areas of infant stimulation, health and nutrition, early childhood education, child psychology, women's development, child development and others. International attention to ECD has grown out of the recognition that intellectual,  motional and physical development, socialization and acquisition of culture all  nteract in shaping a young child's life. Early Childhood Development (ECD) in brief refers to unfolding the full potential of a child's emotional, cognitive, social, linguistic and other developmental skills. Both physical growth and mental and emotional rowth
are crucial in a child's overall development. Learning is also crucial to development. It is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, habits, and values through experience, experimentation, observation, and /or study and instruction .Children have a right to live and to develop to their full potential. It is proven that appropriate care or stimulation in the early years, especially from birth to five years have a profound influence on shaping the child's brain to attain optimum functional capability & stability. The first five years are critical to the child's future well-being and  roductivity not only is this a time when physical milestones are met but proper nutrition and good health provide the child with energy and a positive attitude towards life. If we give our children the best possible foundation for their future learning & life skills he/she will grow up to an ideal citizen, a contributing member of society, a morally developed and good family person. It has been shown that the economic and
social benefits of ECD which accrue to the individual and to society as a whole far exceeds the costs. Majority of infants and young children in
Bangladesh have limited access to services that nurture their cognitive and psychosocial (mental) development. Similarly, service providers in the health and education systems receive little training to acquire skills and resource for providing services related to early childhood  evelopment. If the concept of early childhood development is incorporated into the medical and nursing curriculum then the doctors and nurses will come out with
ready hand knowledge on early childhood development and they will be able to contribute for the early childhood development programmed during their professional work and life. This book is intended to strengthen the skills of postgraduate medical students on early childhood development and developmental pediatrics. This will help them disseminate the appropriate knowledge and skills on ECD to the post graduate medical students. There are six chapter in this book encompassing early childhood development, its anatomical and physiological basis, development  milestones, interactive care for children and early childhood developmental programmer in Bangladesh in details. We hope that the book will contribute much to the  achievement of development of children at the end.

Prof. Md. Saifujaman
Professor of Paediatrics and Focal Person
Early Learning for Child Development Project
Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH)
Jaldhaka, Nilphamari

Professor SM Shahnawaz Bin Tabib
Professor of Paediatrics
Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH)
& Focal Person, Early Learning for Child Development Project, ICMH 

Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun
Programme Manager
Early Learning for Child Development Project, ICMH
Lutfun Nahar Munni
Financial Manager
Early Learning for Child Development Project, ICMH SUPPORTED BY
Early Learning for Child Development Project -ELCD Project
Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Dhaka

UNICEF Bangladesh
Year of Publication: 1st Edition, 2009
Design & Illustration: Tareque Multimedia Ltd.

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